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do pregnancy cramps hurt alot - News

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Do pregnancy symptoms feel alot like period cramps?

TTC, due to get my period in a week or so, had unprotected sex a few times in Feb and have been feeling naseous and having lower bach aches and front abdominal cramp on right side, boobs do not hurt at all but i feel very odd and different and off

Yes cramping can be a sign of pregnancy. They should feel light almost like you are going to start your period but never do.

Actually about a week or so before my expected period I had some pretty bad cramps. I thought it was weird because it was to early for it. My boobs didn't start to bug me till a couple of days before my period was due. Good luck!

my stomach and back hurt alot what can be causing me all this?? stress, pregnant or about to start period?

my stomach feels like pulled muscles or something.. see i have a 1 year old and never had stomach aches or anything with him.. all i had was sore breast and a bit naseau.. and now i took 3 test all neg.. What's happening?? stomach hurts really bad.. like

This sounds exactly like the questions repeatedly asked by kelly b. I'll restate the same thing, you're not pregnant.

starting your period

Why does it hurt so bad to have sex during my pregnancy?

I'm 31 weeks now and everytime me and my boyfriend have sex it hurts so bad, either during or after! and I've been so sore and cramping alot since the last time... I'm kinda worried! But the baby still moves good and everything, So I'm guessing she is

I'm not sure why your getting thar your whole pregnancy.
I would ask your doctor.
Usually it will hurt only in the last trimester.
Just ask you doctor and see what he/she says, it could be perfectly normal.

I need your help, pregnancy cramps?

I was JUST wondering, when your it normal for the cramping to me just on one side. I mean my left breast hurts really bad when touch it or pressure,(my bf hugs me) it hurts the right very little, But i get these cramps that i normaly get

A little cramping is ok because your heavier uterus is weighing down on the tendons that hold it in place. Real sharp pains are NOT ok and should be reported to your doctor at once.
Spotting in the first few months is usual, but should be reported

The vein thing is normal, and that will get worse through out your later pregnancy, thats just from the milk being produced so much more then usual. Talk to your doctor about the cramps and pain.


Other than breast cancer and pregnancy why do breasts hurt?

my normal period will last 6-7 days with the spotting when you ending it. I got my period on the 18th and for 2 days i had a flow and filled up like 5-7 tampons. the nxt 2 days were only spotting. so in total i only had my period for 4 days. My breasts

Hormone fluctuations can cause breast pain. That's why they hurt during pregnancy and around menstrual periods.

my breasts hurt before my periods

My breasts hurt when im on my period. something to do with hormones . its normal. i noe this one girl she cant even come to school when shes on her peirod coz her breasts hurt too much.

Is alot of cramping normal during 6 week pregnancy?

I am about 6 weeks pregnate and I have alot of cramping, Sometimes it feels like gas cramps and sometimes it is sharp pains. Sometimes its not bothersome and othertimes it can hurt really bad. What should I do? What can cause this? Does this mean my

cramps that hurt very badly can be a sign of miscarriage. call your doctor and make an appointment to make sure that everything is ok. there is nothing that you can do about morning sickness. it gets better during the second trimester, but some women

Lower left abdominal pain during early pregnancy?

I am 4 weeks pregnant. And yesterday I went to the mall, where of course you have to do alot of walking. I got really tired and my back started to hurt ALOT, then I started to get a sharp pain on my lower left abdomen. Kind of like cramps when you run

It must be normal. I am also 4 weeks pregnant and getting the same exact thing. This is baby number 3 for me and I don't remember feeling it the first two times, but it's not accompanied by bleeding or anything so I'm also trying not to be normal. I'm

stress that spotting, boobs hurt,have cramps, period was late, dizzy, feel sick, & tired?

stress that spotting, boobs hurt,have cramps, period was late, dizzy, feel sick, & tired?
am i pregnant? took 2 tests one was positive one was negative..

i need help. i think my gf might be pregant, its not the best timing

I would suggest that she goes to the doctor where they can take a blood test to determine whether she's pregnant. The blood test is extremely accurate- it measures a hormone that's only in the body when a woman's pregnant.

If you can't

Are these pregnancy symptoms?

Ok, so i think i might be pregnant, but the farthest along i could be is almost 4 weeks.
But, I feel sick every so often sometimes all the time, like im throw up, but i never do, I'm always tired, my head hurts 24/7. And my stomach as gotten weird

Sorry i AM having pregnancy symptoms! i wrote not instead of now...could i be?

Ive only got ONE depo shot ever, and it ran out on the 8th...well thats when my last shot was do. Now since then me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me 3-4 times.
Im now starting to get pregnancy signs...

I have taken the depo shot before and this last time was on it for 6 months before deciding to come off of it to be put on a different kind so that if I got pregnant I would miss a period. I came off of it last December and in May got pregnant, AFTER

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