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How possible is it to get pregnant with condom use - News

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Is it possible to get pregnant if you put semen that has been in a condom inside a vagina?

My friend is really crazy and is doing anything she can to have another kid (she already has 2) but her husband doesn't really want to. So she put semen that was inside a condom she used 10 minutes with her husband inside her vagina. The condom didn't

i actually know someone who tried this too, there is a chance she could, but not as likely as if he came in her b/c, sperm do live outside the body, but she would have to make sure the temp didnt fall too far b/c they would die, also they have to stay

There is of course a chance as it's like artificially inseminating herself. Sperm can survive for a maximum of 24hours outside the body, as the boy sperms cn only survive for a little, it's the girls that can live longer. 10 minutes they would definitely

Well she could be, But sperm dies within seconds.

Is it possible to get pregnant even when using a condom?

because I am... I have only slept with the same guy twice in the last 2 months. There has been no one else at all. We used a condom both times and I know it had no holes or wasn't broken cause i am the one who took it off? How could this have happend?

I got pregnant with a condom. Don't know how, in fact he refuses to believe he is the father because of it. It happens. You have to remember a hole the size of a pin (something you probably wouldn't see) can let thousands of sperm through. Or, what

I got pregnant with a condom. Don't know how, in fact he refuses to believe he is the father because of it. It happens. You have to remember a hole the size of a pin (something you probably wouldn't see) can let thousands of sperm through. Or, what

well, there is sperm in pre-ejaculate. So if you had any contact at all without a condom it is possible. Sometimes a person thinks well lets do it for a minute and then put the condom on and we will be safe from pregnancy. Well its isn't.

Can u still get pregnant even if u use a condom?

i had a sex with a boi blazay blah and he used a condom but im starting to show a few signs of pregnancy... is it possible that the condom failed im not sure how he put it on but it fet kinda rough when we were having sex.

Yes, of course it is possible. It is always possible to become pregnant from sex because that is what sex is there for.

You can get an accurate result on a pregnancy test if you use it just around the time when your next period is due--best

Yes,. Condoms are NOT 100% effective.

if the condom broke...yes.

Did you by any chance see him take it off?

Can you ask him?

out of 10 how likely is it to get pregnant if use a condom and it did not break & u took plan b?

Is this possible> or have u heard where some got pregnant with proceedure

First assuming that both methods were used correctly, the likely hood is less than 0.5 percent. It can happen. I've never heard of it, but it can happen. It's just reasonable that if it can happen it will one day happen to somebody. Using those methods

Probable 0 to 1


How is it even possible to get pregnant while using the pill in conjunction with condoms?

In order for this to happen, BOTH forms of birth control would have to fail at the SAME time. It just seems so unlikely. How am I hearing of so many babies being conceived this way, from women who supposedly took the pill religiously and the condom didn't

You hear about it because they're lying. They just don't want anyone to know they got pregnant on purpose. If you wee just using one,I could see a small likelihood of failure. But the likelihood of BOTH failing is pretty much zero, i think it's safe to

If your using your b/c at the same time everyday and using the condoms correctly without tearing or them falling off then you should be safe.

yea ive seen it happen to my friend actually... shes 19 with a 4 year old baby...go figure.. abstinence is the best answer ;)

Anybody become pregnant from condom failure and if so, how?

I had to go off of birth control pills because with my body, I had no sex drive and they were making me a crazy woman. Both me and my husband agree that I'm much nicer off the pills. We have decided to use condoms for contraception. Long story short,

We were using two methods of birth control, one of them condoms, when I became pregnant with our daughter. We never had a condom break or come off, nor any problem with the other method.

Except both failing at the same time, of course!

Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant while on birth control and using a condom?

I met this girl 2-3 months ago, through my aunt. And i was not really attracted to her, however everyone told me to hang in there because she had no one. One night we had sex, which i wasn'tt ready for, however i had a condom and she was on birth control.

Dude be a man put the dick in there hard. You must be one unlucky man if that girl gets pregant
I bet if you put your dick all the way in none of this would of happened. don;t worry youre not going to be a father

Chances of getting pregnant during possible ovulation time?

I had sex with my bf during the time i think i could have been ovulating, although he did not actually *** at all. How likely is it to get pregnant off of precum [during ovulation] even though we DID use a condom.

so you used a condom or no? If you guys had sex while ovulating and didn't use a condom then it is possible to get pregnant....If you guys had sex and didnt use a condom for the first half then it is possible for you to get pregnant off of precum but

Condom Failure?

Ok so I hear all this hype about people getting pregnant while using condoms.... but if the condom is completley intact and you pullout each time before you come, then how could it be possible to get pregnant using a condom....Is it more due to user error,

Definately human error or manufacturers error. If you put the condom on before you start and it stays in tact then there should be no chance of pregnancy. You could always combine it with other birth control like the pill if you want to be extra ca

is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms with negative tests and still be pregnant?

just wondering...
Is it possible to be pregnant?How long can a pregnancy test show negative and it actually be positive? And can u bleed,like have your period while being pregnant?
I have an irregular period so its hard to tell when my period

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